Gift Cards & Packages

I offer discounted packages if you would like to plan ahead and pay for multiple sessions.  Gift cards are also available so you can treat a friend or loved one.

Give the gift of massage to a friend or loved one. Buy online and call or e-mail to arrange delivery. I am happy to mail your gift cards to you if you like.

Gift cards are completely transferable and do not expire!

Buy a five-pack and save.  Your package will not expire and can be shared with family members or friends.


Go stronger, longer! I offer RockTape products at 10% off the MSRP. Purchase RockTape or Rock Sauce online or in person. I am also an Advanced FMT-certified RockTape Doc, so I'm happy to answer questions on how and when to apply it.

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RockTape is a kinesiology tape and is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantars and runner’s knee. RockTape also can increase endurance by promoting blood flow during an athletic event. RockSauce is the newest product and is a topical pain reliever. RockSauce is one of the most powerful pain relieving lotions you can buy over-the-counter. When RockSauce and RockTape are combined, the athlete is completely revitalized.

RockSauce is the first and only warm topical pain cream designed for use with RockTape. When applied directly to the surface of RockTape, RockSauce soaks into Rocktape and slowly releases itself which provides cooling and warmth for up to an hour. When by itself, RockSauce provides both cooling and warmth making it the perfect all-in-one treatment.

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