Client Spotlight, August 2017

Anja Gutbrod-Pollitz

Anja has been a client for a couple years now, and I love that I am a part of her self care.  She does so much for so many people.  From teaching, to volunteering, to caring for and having adventures with her family.  I always look forward to working with her!

Q: How often do you come in for massage sessions?

A: I try to come in every other week. My neck will tell me if I waited too long. 


Q: How do you feel massage helps you?

A: I can feel the effects of your massage right away: after half an hour of muscle kneading, I don’t feel my head anymore - that might sound dramatic, but it’s the best way to describe how your hands bring away the heaviness in my neck with which I usually arrive at the session. During massage I can feel the lymph fluid being drained from my head, and I have the impression that there is a better flow throughout my upper body. The massage itself is very relaxing. Since I get a massage regularly, I very rarely complain about tension headaches anymore. 


Q: What would you tell someone about massage that has never received one before?

A: I would tell the person that if s/he loves her/his body, s/he should definitely indulge into a massage from time to time. We abuse our bodies by sitting long hours at the computer and should give back some tender care once in a while.