Client Spotlight, May 2017

Wade Trammell

*Retired Firefighter




Wade makes retirement look amazing.  He is a retired firefighter and now spends his time golfing, camping, and doing CrossFit.  He is wonderful to work with and if feels great to be apart of his health care team!  

Q: How often do you come in for massage sessions?

A:  Not often enough. I'm pretty good at waiting until I'm in some sort of pain that inflicts itself on me somewhere, ormuscle tightness that won't go away. That's when you get a text from me pleading for an open slot for that day. (Sorry about that, my bad I know ;-)) but I always leave wondering why I don't I get massages more often! You're getting so popular now I might be forced to schedule you in advance like a normal pro-active organized adult human should.

Q: How do you feel massage helps you?

A: Your massages get me back on track with my life in general, workouts, and especially golf. Tension kills a golf swing, so any compensations in my swing due to aches/pains or muscle tightness can wreak havoc on my game. Besides that, I always love the way I feel after I leave your office, especially the days that follow right after a session. Its a huge benefit in many ways. Just feeling like everything is working properly and in sync with my body is amazing, and you get me back to that baseline every time I get a massage. 

Q: What would you tell someone about massage that has never received one before?

A:  I wonder who hasn't ever had a a massage? Those poor souls! 

I think its a great way to keep you in a position to feel better about anything you do physically no matter what that may be. If your body is feeling the way it should, and moving correctly without compensating, the whole day is better and more efficient. Massage with Jessica can do that. I would suggest to anyone/everyone to try a true therapeutic massage once. Those spa feel good massages are nice too, and Jessica could do those as well I'm sure, but I go to her to get back to feeling more functional. She's got a gift of finding where my real tension hides, which is usually a surprise to me too, until Jessica finds it. She's really good at that. So, if even if you have never had a massage, or you have and you didn't think it was worth the money, you didn't go to Jessica. In my opinion, she is every bit as important to my physical well being as my doctor and chiropractor, and way more relaxing. The results are undeniable.