CrossFit California Regional 2016

What an adventure! This is the third year that I have worked with Dusty.  Working with him is always interesting.  I get so many questions from CrossFit Danville members about how he is to work with.  I'll just say, he is sooooo chatty.  Yes, I am kidding! Ok, here is a real question I get....So how much bodywork does a Regional athlete receive?  LOTS!  I see Dusty year round, two to three times a month and weekly, February through Regionals weekend.  For the 3 day event, I am on hand to help with issues that may come up.  Lots of stretching, forearm work to keep the grip working, and quad flushing.  I get a little CF geeky and look at all the workouts and plan what work would be beneficial to Dusty, focusing on recovery and prevention. 

As a spectator, Regionals is so inspiring.  It is just crazy to see the strength and speed that the athletes are capable of.  And it is crazy to me that one of those athletes is my client and even crazier, my coach.  He might be joking 99% of the time, but his 110% dedication to his training and his gym members shows.  

Here is a recap of Dusty's events....Thanks Wade Lee for the video and picture!