About me...

This is my family!  My husband, Don, and I have been married for 21 years.  YES, we were very young!  Our kids are crazy and amazing!  We like long walks on deck 4 of the Disney Dream and long days at Disneyland.  Before becoming a massage therapist, I worked in childcare.  I even had my own home daycare where I learned, more than anything, how to juggle. 

Snatch Practice at CFD

I started CrossFit a few years ago, before CrossFit, I did 5Ks and then moved on to half marathons. Now I spend time each day being active. That could be lifting, running, Kung Fu, or jumping on the trampoline with my kids.

Post event massage.

After many years of wondering if massage was my thing,  I went to McKinnon Body Therapy Center to give it a go.  I loved their teaching style.  They taught me how to work with people and how to apply skills that I had learned.  As I took classes I started to find my interests....sports, deep tissue, shiatsu (great for event situations), pregnancy, and even advanced swedish.  I don't typically offer these massage styles separately, but combine them to meet each client's individual needs. I love learning new things and I am always looking for the next thing to add to my toolbox.

Other than family, work, and fitness.........well, what else is there? I just keep moving and encourage my clients to do the same!